River Teeth Conferene, June 1-3, 2018, Ashland, OH.

Multimedia Lectures:

  • The Sanctuary of Illness Multimedia
  • And Titanic's Band Played On Multimedia
  • The Social Author in the Digital Age
  • Saddest Music Multimedia
  • The Hybrid Narrative: Lecture/Workshop
  • Finding Ourselves: Memoir and Jungian Individuation: Lecture/Workshop
  • The Age of Memoir: Lecture

    In these talks, I present the material with PowerPoint, which includes movie clips, audio, video, images, and text. (The venue needs to have screen, projector, and sound system.) I adapt the length to the venue, typically forty-five minutes plus Q&A.

    Please inquire: tom.larson@sbcglobal.net

    Price: $400 per lecture.


    Judy Reeves, writer and writing instructor, 619-284-1343, JAReeves@mac.com

    The Social Author in the Digital Age Print E-mail

    This multimedia talk is appropriate for those participating in—and bewildered bythe new digital forms of reading and writing; it will appeal to college students, writing groups, literary guilds, community writing centers, literacy scholars, and library programs.


    In the digital age, writers are the last artists to be transformed by the tools of the Internet and electronic communication. We are losing traditional protocols of print and bound book as well as facing challenges to the standard literary forms of poem, novel, and narrative history. As reading and writing changes its platform from one-dimensional print to interactive screens, we are also being pushed toward new forms of expression: memoir, blog, mosaic, hypertext, and collaborative writing with video. A new environment dominates our work: self-publishing and self-promotion, personal websites and sound/video presentations, direct sales and interactive readers. What are the changes this new digital environment is asking of us younger and older writers and how are we and those we write for going to thrive in it?